we are really glad to have the opportunity to take part in ITEC piloting project and we wish you success:)

Teacher:Esen Sandıraz
School:Amerikan Kültür lisesi /İskenderun
Level:High school 9.grade,12 students
Subjects :English language learning using , PRESENT PERFECT
TENSE ,,geography,, New technologies of Information and
Time:8 hours
Management: whole class ,teamup groups
*to integrate videos in curriculum and in projects.
*to use video in the classes for motivating the students
*to make students learn with pleasure .
*to practice the structure ‘’have you ever….?
*to learn about the culture of cities around the world
*to create a 12 month calender for 2012 using ICT tools (in English)
*to be aware of the landmarks,symbols of the cities of the world.
Offline: Open Office / Powerpoint / Video(where the hell is Matt?)
Online: Teamup tool, Google Docs,googlesearch,tricider,,smilebox,
Video link which ‘ll be used from youtube :
*Students’ names are added to the teamup..
*They will be grouped with 4 peers so that they can work on
creating a calendar using ICT tools.(each group ‘ll create a calender)
Teacher gives
*the Eiffel tower in Paris;
* the great wall in China ;
*wellknown landmarks and talks about
*Half moon Caye :Belize
*Kangaroos :Australia as some of the symbols..Teacher ask students:
1-What places have they recognized in the video?
2-What place he/she likes best and why?
3-Have you ever/never been to ……?
The teacher pauses the video and the students try to write
the cities and landmarks ‘names .The teacher asks
questions using present perfect and try to know if students
already be aware of the landmarks and symbols shown in
the video
QUESTIONS have you ever been to New York?No,I ‘ve never…..
Have you ever seen a kangaroo?
Have you ever visited ….?etc..
usage so that the students will be ask and answer the
questions about the learning subject.
b-Teacher devides the class into teams..Each team would
choose cities from the video ,research their landmarks
,and create a calender for the class using , Powerpoint
,,OneTrueMedia,,smilebox, calender
will feature 12 cities ,each with one landmark.
The students give vote using
(online brainstorming and voting tool) and try to choose
the best calender .
c- After each lesson, it is my students’ homework to create
resources based on the topics discussed in class.
*students ‘ll have the opportunity for practising a
structure using internet
*students ‘ll be aware of the landmarks,symbols of the
cities of the world.
*They ‘ll have the opportunity to research in the internet to
create a calender for 2012
*They ‘ll also learn participation and team collaboration
*thanks to using the internet in the classroom students !ll
learn with pleasure

Firstly;I created groups of four people, mixing students who are good at english with students who are less good.

where_the_hell_is_matt_019.JPG where_the_hell_is_matt_018.JPG
-Each group chose 12 cities from the video ,researched their landmarks in the internet and prepared a powerpoint presentation.Then;They created a calendar for our classroom.



homehere is our link for brainstorming and voting..we tried to choose the best powerpoint presentation.

To tell the truth;before joining in this project,I thought that I knew how to use videos in classroom and I also thought it was so easy for me.But after preparing a detailed ITEC lesson plan and all those activities ,I noticed that I don't know how to use them effectively and educationally. Esen Sandıraz


Title:Embedding exam preparation in learning activities

Teacher:Esen Sandıraz

School:Amerikan Kültür lisesi /İskenderun
Level:Highschool 9.grade
Subjects :English language learning,nativelanguage,intergenerationallearning, newtechnologiesof Informationandcommunication
Time:8 hours
Management: whole class ,teamup groups

we went to our local nursing home .

I invited some of the grandparents to my class to share their experiences with my students..They also tried to plant flowers and clean the garden alltogether.